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The minute a pop-up window comes to annoy me, I check the programs running in task manager and what do you know! If found outside the C:\windows\system32 directory, it's a virus. like "spoOny" said; there IS a difference between the needed system file "SERVICES.EXE" and the viruses. Qinglin Is present in C:\WINDOWS\system32 (99kb) , C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$ (106kb) and C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386 (106kb) Shane Well if you don't need to run your system go ahead and delete it.

service.exe without "S" might be a virus ! Madrikeka Tracked down why services.exe was hogging my CPU making my computer unusable. Services.exe is safe. I've scanned with almost anything, no luck..

It suddenly appeared ,and makes my computer hang ,if I allow it M colston-weeks C:\WINDOWS\INETDIM\ Services.exe is a virus?? Chaly Took up 100% of CPU so I couldn't do anything. If it is names service.exe or fservice.exe then you have some form of malware infection. Long story short, update your computers people.

Score UserComments On my computer it makes me lag constantly. I see alot of conflicting info here but I want it off, any suggestions? It's under User Name and Services. Stian It downloaded Ad-ware every time I accessed the Internet, I found it with Windows search and deleted it using cut & paste to the recycle bin, life is good!

Note - this is not the legitimate services.exe process, which should not appear in Msconfig/Startup! "Microsoft Services" definitely not required. i suggest deleting it if u have never seen it, it pops up on your computer out of nowhere, and now your games lag. Stefan Services.exe is a completely normal part of modern windows operating systems, provided the application originates from the System32 folder. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forum/helproom-1/servicesexe-using-u-50-cpu-can-i-stop-380338/ do it many time until it says something "complete or finish or no more problem found" See also: Link AUSTIN services.exe with using epa.exe and epm.exe coming from erascent I deleted

Only 11Kb in size. Here is the link I found to remove it. Added by the ALETS TROJAN! On your Command Prompt window, type in: For Windows XP: sfc /scannow For Windows 7/ Vista: sfc /scanfile=C:\windows\system32\services.exe 4.

Miguel Opens up other process, very well a part of SpySheriff, an malicious piece of extremely aggresive spyware.(Active content download) Jerry c:\windows\system32\services\srrvice.exe -Trojan!!! navigate to this website However, if you are running the services.exe in the System32 folder, which you can tell by "Date Accessed" entry in the Properties window, then you are safe. When hovered over it showed that it was a Microsoft process. The system file has a very specific place it should be located.

Scott in HI I found it in Windows/system32/drivers, identified as TR/dropper.gen Astro Services.exe is a long-running executable,which performs a specific function.It is also called as Service Control Manger(SCM).SCM maintains the database omg its killing me, it suddenly appear on task manager and makes my net go slow and my comp go slow to and worst hang =/, STM says its on C:\Windows This is a valid Windows system file. See also: Link Rob Thanks to 00s%b.

It's under User Name and Services. The_Shaman I had it under C:\WINDOWS\ I deleted it and everything still works! Does anyone know how and if so please tell me :) Need to DELETE its a virus cum trojan cum spyware See also: Link HardBoy System process on Windows 2000 neewah Avast antivirus does no see it.

See also: Link stavros_d I got 2 services.exe, and I had detected which 1 is the virus(download.trojan), but can't remove it as it is the same name as services.exe, how? Some other application (possibly C:\WINNT\jave.exe which was mydoom) kept recreating winnt\services.exe whenever I deleted it. By all accounts a very nasty intrusion allowing IRC etc.

it was veery usefull to me.

Added by the KREPPER-G TROJAN! Kang windows\inetdim\services.exe (i changed the name and rebooted). But Windows still recognises as a system file which it should. If you've done this, you can repair by hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete, going to the task manager, clicking File- Run, opening the cmd window, and restoring the file from another location where you

TechWizard86 "c:\windows\security\Windows Security Services\service.exe" is backdoor (kaspersky proactive defense) ahmed Found it in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming as Win32:VB-ZOB [Trj] Brian C:WINDOWS\$hf_mig$\KB9565... System booted in Safe Mode OK. BrowneR 65 kb cant shut it down , located in windows/inet10055 well all i can say is i am running win200 pro and when i start up, zonealarm popups and says Once cleaned, you can turn System Restore back on.

However, I've come across it in this folder before, meaning it's not legit: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\windows\services.exe Kevin Gallo Consumes ~80% of resources thereby slowing everything down this services.exe file mostly infects NT/win2000/XP,and it IF someone tells you to delete system 32, someones been trolling. 12stringwizard There is a trojan svcs.exe that copies itself into c:\Windows or c:\Windows\System32. In RegEdit, I found ??rvices.exe labelled as services.exe but when I displayed binary, it was actually U5rvices.exe BengalTigger Tiff, I also have this file in that location (C:\windows\servicepakfiles\i386) I don't think