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How To Repost Craigslist Ad In Different City


Or should I just give up and find another email/IP? The smaller the mind, the larger the ego I think. Facebook Bird Support FAQ Report Abuse Privacy Policy Marketplace Warrior Special Offers The War Room Warrior For Hire Community Advertise with us Become Affiliate More info Directory Terms & Conditions The I would have thought that the ebay classifieds site would get more traffic however no matter what i tried selling there the visitor counter hardly ever budged.

While a prostitute can make an elicit sexual offer and that post doesn't get ghosted. They didn't do the Ghosting and other stuff like CL but they were real Nazis on so many other levels that is why people kinda started to ignore it. What you really need to to its to get as on many websites as possible (obviously that are popular) so that you can get also showed on google. If you think that we are paranoid then you obviously do not know how many people are out there trying to make a living just balancing the posts on CL to

How To Repost Craigslist Ad In Different City

ALL Machines have a MAC address and it shows up on any type of connection not only WiFi. This is something recent, it started happening in mid June. But if you do that, things like what is currently happening (like people becoming disenchanted with the whole thing) happens. No one there gives a rats ass about actually helping you, All they want to do is ridicule you from the very moment you ask a question.

I am a web programmer and try to post web service on Craigslist computer service section. Rodriguez says: July 1, 2016 at 7:46 am use a vpn then? My arthritis plagued fingers are becoming tired form posting and posting,, and my financial resources are dwindling. How To Post In More Than One City On Craigslist Scams?

If you all fight back, they won't be able to play games like that with your posts. CL has just become a way to kill or be killed. I can barely get an ad through, even with a fresh CL acct. They also are constantly fooling people to keep them off track as top how to actually get their posts to stay live.

It appears that ghosting is not for posts, but also for replies to posts. Why Can't I Renew My Craigslist Ad It will mean a bit of work, but for those of you that don't like being pushed around and don't appreciate some jerks in this world trampling all over your right I have received many thanks over the years for helping people understand and possible resolve their issues. Screw CL is what I say now, I have gone to other options like Wallapop, Letgo, and Buy Sell Barter when I want to get rid of something.

Craigslist Post Add

DO NOT buy numbers from sleazy people on the web that will sell you fake numbers. Read More Here So ok….I get it now…thanks 🙂 suzan062 says: December 13, 2015 at 5:12 pm Just wondering….if you don't sell on CL, how would you know you're blocked? How To Repost Craigslist Ad In Different City In answer one person said that CL does not want you to know why. How To Delete Craigslist Post History craigslist says: November 22, 2015 at 3:48 pm You will find out that you have been flagged when your post is no longer showing up and then you log into your

Change the wording. They are slowly becoming more and more irrelevant as time goes by. As you see I do allow links to legitimate, well known sites. This morning there isn't one legitimate post up…not one…yet there are so far a string of 18. My Craigslist Login

Really hard to say without doing a thorough analysis of all the posts. Do a search and you will get many to choose from. Gross incompetance is an understatement. We are here to help those that have issues with Craigslist.

I went to the free page, and saw neighborhoods listed when there was no search criteria, but then when I input the neighborhood name (again, which I can see among the Craigslist Ghosting I'd LOVE to find something else because I hate using them. Use the on screen prompts to narrow down the category for your ad and the part of your city it is relevant to.

Sorry, it's a scammer or someone looking to hack your email.

This would be a way to get a greater amount of feedback on posts as opposed to having to jump through hoops (clicking a few links) to get a post Flagged. Just move on and sell in other ways on different websites. Use your cell as a hot spot, etc. This Posting Is Being Blocked Common Reasons Include After that need new IP, possible new phone number, but that will let you post in other cities without being ghosted.

Reposting paid posts For information on reposting paid posts, please visit this page. © craigslistCL help safety privacy feedback cl jobs terms about mobile desktop Warrior Forum Logo Seach Feed Forum Reply toledogaymale says: November 24, 2014 at 3:00 am First and foremost, I have blogged all about this just a few weeks ago. If your ad is equally relevant to all locations, your ad does not belong on craigslist. Edits for postings are now self-service.

craigslist says: December 27, 2015 at 3:13 pm Good for you. They went from having usual ads to almost nothing. There are no "Charges" because this is not a "Legal" matter and they are not the police, but it basically scared you off or put pressure on you to back off Some funny people also offer to send you a check for more than your item costs and they want to pick it up by truck---don't fall for this…namaste', rachel coolcarla The

Reply djmichaelangelo says: June 19, 2014 at 7:27 am Good for you! How bad was all that? You may have entered your email address incorrectly—it only takes one typo!