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Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage


In fact, if you've got a Windows tablet and have bought into the whole Metro -- sorry, "Modern" -- interface, it's probably the best touch-based browser out there. I really liked the title too. Reply Leon May 5, 2015 at 9:25 am My problem with IE 11 in Win 8.1.1 64bit is that I simple cann't delete any link from Favorites bar. Take a stand. http://intracom2008.com/internet-explorer/what-does-it-mean-when-internet-explorer-cannot-display-the-webpage.html

But that was then… You’re Missing Out Now, we have a completely different story. Select the Advanced tab and click the Restore Advanced Settings button. All Rights Reserved. [email protected] I always find setting all margins and padding to 0 in the CSS helps so much.

Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage

It's not about giving IE special attention: it's about serving all internet users no matter what device they use. Minor alterations to the HTML and simpler CSS are often more effective. Brian IE 6 is over 10 years old. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and photography.

Conditional comments are more easily maintainable because if a bug occurs only in a certain browser (read: IE6), you know where to look first and/or where to add a fix (IE6's It is also actually less code to specify this code for minimum height.
.el {min-height:200px}
* html .el {height:200px} For succinct code it's a "nno-brainer" from the start. re 6) That's not quite correct as IE6 only applies hover to a elements when there is an href (i.e. Internet Explorer 8 Since the people who are still using that decrepit dinosaur are not likely to visit any tech sites, what are the chances any of them will actually come across your article?

http://www.brothercake.com/ brothercake #2 is not great advice - definitely don't go around adding position:relative to things withut thinking it through. Demo: http://www.positioniseverything.net/explorer/dup-characters.html Quote: "The direct cause is nothing more than ordinary HTML comments, such as, , sandwiched between floats that come in sequence." Easy fix is to avoid having comments in Set position: relative Setting an element to position:relative solves a multitude of problems, especially if you have ever experienced invisible or strangely aligned boxes. Viewing the website with Compatibility View can also correct the problem.

August 15, 2010 Denise Chilton I have done all the suggestions listed above and when I click on Internet Explorer it does nothing….no hour glass.or anything..it's like it doesn't recognize it Internet Explorer 9 Stay Away From These 2 Features Mac Upgraded to macOS Sierra? Maybe it's all those Chinese hackers doing it old school? re 2 Only use position:relative when needed as it has an affect on performance and may indeed induce more bugs than it cures.

Internet Explorer Not Working

Norton has swept the computer and o problems, March 18, 2011 Aimee Wow - thanks so much for your advice. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/chie.htm What solution did you discover to fix it? Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage Verify that your Security settings under Tools menu, Internet Options are set to medium at the most. Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working You will only be exploiting the fact that IE6 will/won't understand certain properties.

body { margin: 2% 0 !important; margin: 20px 0; /* IE6 only */ } 9. this contact form If the parent element has no set height, the element's physical height is not affected but hasLayout is enabled. 5. Alex 11. Stay Away From These 2 Features Mac Upgraded to macOS Sierra? How To Update Internet Explorer

I think you're misunderstanding what web standards are, and in fact, what you're advocating isn't web standards at all. Reply Saajan May 4, 2015 at 7:07 pm Well in Chrome you can use IE Tab which is more stable than IE itself. Opera, Safari and Chrome have less than 10% of users - forget testing them. have a peek here This even happens if I close then immediately reopen the window.

If the issue persists make sure your Internet Explorer has not been hi-jacked. Internet Explorer Download IE hangs, can't do anything except end it with task manager. It unnecessarily clutters the main stylesheet, and makes it extremely hard to remove if you ever decide to drop IE6 support.

It used to be so that IE7 would display any images in webpages in a blurry (less resolution?) manner with jagged edges.

This takes care of some of the many bugs while adding support for some of the missing features. Current tests show IE8 to handle CSS2.1 really well (and not just mine, but those of other people too, some of which have commented here). Tracking Protection is the last option in the left column titled Add-on Types. Internet Explorer 11 You could put it into an IE6-specific CSS file, but how will that make maintenance easier?

Firstly because you may run into issues with contextual z-ordering (described here - http://www.udm4.com/manual/depth/positioning/#depth-positioning-zordering), and secondly because you may inadvertently trigger IE's additional z-index context bug (described here - http://therealcrisp.xs4all.nl/meuk/IE-zindexbug.html) Anonymous A quick solution might be adding this site to the Compatibility View list. http://www.quizzpot.com hquinn Great article! Check This Out If you are, please take a moment to read this page, and consider upgrading.Skip to the upgrade and download instructionsA little historyIt was the turn of the millennium and the Internet

Did you turn on Tracking Protection for that site previously? Point #9 is definitely the key to avoiding most of IE6's headaches. Then once the templates have come to a near completion, it's time for code clean-up and the IE6 styles get moved to their own stylesheet.