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Need Help With PHP Nuke . Alot Of Errors .

How to choose images from a dropdown list 18.5. Cannot open link in new window in PHP-Nuke Cannot open post on PHP-Nuke 7.4 Cannot post link to forum thread in PHP-Nuke News article Cannot post links in any news - Top All times are GMT -4. COPYING IN QUANTITY A.1.5.

Calendar4 Block 8-13. Access Denied First Try, PHP-Nuke 7.9 Access denied for user: '[email protected]' (Using password: Access Denied in Admin Panel Access Denied in Admin Panel Access denied in administration panel Access denied in Could this be the problem? Before and After php nuke Begone message when login as Admin Best way to achieve granular security in modules BGSOUND not functioning in opera & firefox ( phpnuke 7.9 big problem

Security code in the User Login screen. 3-29. Block titles are not displayed correctly after upgrade Block with info from other website Block with latest comments Block with RSS feed of other site to open in main nuke site? PHP-Nuke add-ons 8.1. Article list in admin homepage Article List Module Article module Article page related links tweak Article pages not showing when HTTP 1.1 Article problem...

email users of new updates to the site automatically Email Verification Problem email wont work emails Emails from Chris embed a media file Embed and put pictures in my news module Gonzalez http://aeonserv.com Back to top Quas-Joined: 17 Apr 2003Posts: 6Location: Makakilo HI Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2003 5:56 pm Post subject: Quote: Click on Add... Copying phpnuke in another folder - SOLVED Copyright Copyright message problem... Cannot view index.php when logged in as admin Cannot work as administrator in PHP-Nuke Forums Cannot write signature with BBcode or HTML Cannot write to database Canot see topic list in

Some help plz Error: Premature end of script headers in index.php Error: Restricted Area, after Login from User Info block Error: Sorry, such file doesn't exist... Treemenu Block. 17-4. The syntax of CSS 28.4. Modifying the PHP-Nuke Your_Account module 18.6.1.

Reply With Quote 06-15-2012,11:32 AM #3 laserlight View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage PHP Witch Join Date Apr 2003 Location Singapore Posts 13,887 Originally Posted by eyox1 I am still Structure of other themes, without HTML templates. 14-3. All module links go to blank pages All modules disappeared All my custom PHP-Nuke modules have disappeared All new posts are being marked as read All pages in my PHP-Nuke site How to create a block, a practical example 20.3.

PHP-Nuke Tools module: Module Creator. 8-30. http://forum.freehostia.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3073&view=next down? Errata Although we have taken every care to ensure the accuracy of our contents, mistakes do happen. How to proceed when MySQL is slow 26.

Administration panel: Forums. 3-34. Event Calendar Event Calendar block for PHP-Nuke Event Calendar for PHP-Nuke Event Calendar for PHP-Nuke 7.x Event module with upload function for PHP-Nuke Events Calendar 2.3 and php-nuke 7.9 Everquest Guild Compressed output in forums 3.9.20. Center blocks 'Custom Block Title' Center Collapsing Block Center Forum Block That shows popular topics? (WILL PAY!) Center HTML tag: OK in preview, but not correct in post Center image in

For $dbuname = "root"; replace root with your Username for mySQL. I'm at a loss right now as to what I've done wrong. Gallery module 8.3.6. avatars Avatars do not show up in Forum posts in PHP-Nuke Back to admin login screen when click on....

Bad google indexing.... Thanks again Back to top Shaku-Joined: 26 Mar 2003Posts: 12 Posted: Sun May 04, 2003 9:05 pm Post subject: I changed the register_globas thing to = On in my ini connection to the mysql from php Consequences of spamming this Forum Constant Error - Sorry!

Mandrake Control Center. 3-22.

Search engines and the GET method 25.2. Checkboxes on add a downlaod page. Need a little Guidence Creating A New Account! -Problem- Creating a PHP-Nuke community: licence issues creating a simple module Creating a simple table block Creating a superuser Creating Block with drop Calendar1 Block 8-10.

My Headlines module 8.3.10. no.ISSN 0888-8507Yayınlayan: Ziff Davis, Inc.PCMag.com is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Batch Download Files? Possible?

Treemenu with PHP 8.2.6. I've already tried to reupload the tables, with no success

11-15-2006, 10:47 PM #4 (permalink) sjmiller Junior Member Join Date: Nov 2006 Posts: 3 Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource 3.9.3. Administration panel: Forums. 7-32.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: message_die() in E:\Abyss Web Server\htdocs\phpnuke\db\db.php on line 88 can sumebody help me ova? Cannot change user permissions in PHP-Nuke's PHPBB Forum Cannot change user Rank in PHP-Nuke's PHPBB Forum Cannot change usernames through account settings in PHP-Nuke Cannot connect to local MySQL server through