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What Is Maya's Default Shader/material When Creating Primitives Is Which Of The Following Materials?


I am writing a virtual globe using DirectX similar to Google Earth. See also the dxreadme.txt file in the SDK. xna c++ directx directxtk asked Oct 31 '16 at 7:42 moonshineTheleocat 400111 1 vote 1answer 69 views Texture coordinates projection I have some classic texture coordinates and as a normal behaviour Skip to Main Content Search Help Tips Dictionary History Forums Contact You are here: Help > Software Microsoft DirectX Reference Question DirectX DirectX definition and related terms.

Below that level you're probably not getting optimal performance, above that and you're into diminishing returns and potential conflicts with concurrency considerations (see below). How can I render to a texture and make use of Anti Aliasing? Calling it more often than every 5ms will cause some perf degradation. Plotting a bipartite tree graph Hashing Password on Client Side to avoid lag on single-core game server? https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ee416788(v=vs.85).aspx

What Is Maya's Default Shader/material When Creating Primitives Is Which Of The Following Materials?

DirectSound Questions Why do I get a burst of static when my application starts up? How many constant registers are available for vertex shaders? The easiest way to get up and running is to take advantage of the D3DX Effects system by calling D3DXCreateEffectFromFile() or D3DXCreateEffectFromResource() with your effect file. After defining the face attributes for your subsets, call the ID3DXMesh::Optimize or ID3DXMesh::OptimizeInPlace methods and specifying an optimization method of D3DXMESHOPT_ATTRSORT or stronger.

There might be more space available than you might have thought. Sum in A Sudoku Did the Elves do mathematics What does the line "So long and thanks for all the fish!" mean? This uses the information implicit in the FVF. What Is Directx You can decode the files in advance yourself (using an ACM codec of a DirectShow filter), or else just use DirectShow itself, which can do the decode for you; you can

After i see that my Geforce Graphiccard are not installed at windows 10 i download the newest driver. Directx Versions A stencil buffer is an additional buffer of per-pixel information, much like a z-buffer. In DirectSound 9.0 when you duplicate a buffer it is now possible to get the IDirectSoundBuffer8 interface on the duplicate buffer, which will give you access to the AcquireResources method. In addition to Direct3D 9, Windows Vista supports two new interfaces when the correct video hardware and drivers are present: Direct3D9Ex and Direct3D10.

The name DirectX 10 is misleading in that many technologies shipping in the DirectX SDK (XACT, XINPUT, D3DX) are not encompassed by this version number. Directx 11 Download Windows 7 64 Bit The values you observe may be unexpected since various other system objects may be holding references to the DirectX objects you create. You have to choose one or the other. It shouldn't matter because COM interfaces are reference counted.

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c# directx asked Jan 14 at 21:01 Cosmin Petolea 247 -1 votes 0answers 15 views Applying HLSL Shaders To Video Files I have written some very complex HLSL shaders for processing Good thing I have a replacement in the works. What Is Maya's Default Shader/material When Creating Primitives Is Which Of The Following Materials? If the minimum CPU speed required for your game is 1.2GHz or above (which is more common for high performance titles), then the vast majority of eligible computers will be running Directx 11 Sdk directx directx11 asked Dec 1 '16 at 1:11 Justin William Stanley Bryant 510211 1 vote 0answers 23 views Import Quaternions from a different coordinate system to perform an animation (DirectX to

State changes can still be expensive, but using state macros can help reduce at least some of the cost. Unfortunately the time between two Vwaits still remains 16.6ms (that's default, 60Hz), tested in fullscreen 3D Mode, even used to reboot the machine. For more information, see What are the differences between the various editions of Windows Vista? How do I use a stencil buffer to render shadow volumes? Directx Sdk Windows 10

In addition, the rendered faces are likely in a random access pattern, thus not utilizing vertex cache. How do I disable ALT+TAB and other task switching? How do I pronounce “PER”? he said he'll give me his old R7 250.

The games that are included with Windows are not available by default on Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise, but they can be enabled by the administrator. Directx 9 Windows 10 What books are there about general Windows programming? The most common problem with debugging DirectX applications is attempting to debug while a DirectDraw surface is locked.

DirectSound does not natively support MP3 decoding.

Devices supporting vs 1.0 vertex shaders are required to support a minimum of 96 constant registers. The key to this and other volumetric stencil buffer effects, is the interaction between the stencil buffer and the z-buffer. Call Draw[Indexed]Primitive. Directx Download Subreddit Filters Default View General PC XB1 PS4 Console Quick Links Subreddit rules /r/STO Wiki Frequently Asked Questions Guides Events Calendar Running STO on Mac Please Use Spoiler Tags for Spoilers!

The front faces of the shadow volume are drawn using invisible polygons, with z-testing enabled but z-writes disabled and the stencil buffer incremented at every pixel passing the z-test. What Happened to DirectShow? The more polygons that can be sent in a single call, the better. There is an optimized s/w vertex pipeline for x64, but it does not exist for IA64.

installation directx virtual-machine windows-7-x64 directx-9 asked yesterday Yeniaul Adrianad 14 0 votes 1answer 13 views Mapping textures to DirectX sphere? Why do I have to specify more information in the D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 structure? Windows XP supports no-execute memory protection which helps prevent malicious programs and can aid debugging. Many meshes encountered in real data feature vertices that are shared by multiple polygons.

directx rotation vector matrix models asked Nov 8 '16 at 23:53 Paul Spain 1354 0 votes 2answers 39 views Why is my Direct3D 9 floating point texture clamping values 0–1? Figured I'd share my story and save someone time in the long run. A process by which the ... NOTE: To login to the forums, use the same email address and password that you use on FrontierStore.net.

If you specify attributes and then call ID3DXMesh::DrawSubset(), this method must perform a search of the mesh for all faces containing the requested attributes. Note that 64-bit native support of DirectMusic is not available on Windows Vista. Nowadays many Windows games can exceed 100 Frames per Second and it is not necessary in most cases to update your 3D audio parameters at the same frame rate. What is the HLSL noise() intrinsic for?

Enumeration can be performed through a simple iteration by the application using methods of the IDirect3D9 interface. Find the line PrefEntry GfxSettings.DeviceType and replace it the whole line with PrefEntry GfxSettings.DeviceType Direct3D11 Hopefully that'll force the game to run DX11. The Direct3D software vertex-processing engine fully supports custom vertex shaders with a surprisingly high level of performance. General DirectX Development Issues Direct3D Questions General Direct3D Questions Geometry (Vertex) Processing Performance Tuning D3DX Utility Library DirectSound Questions DirectX Extensions for Alias Maya XInput Questions General DirectX Development Issues Should